I have been working for over ten years on the development of brand identity and digital communication for companies and in the development of projects with innovative methodologies such as Design and Visual Thinking.
I like to measure myself on complex projects, where I can have the opportunity to tap into knowledge that can lead to the project’s contamination and the creation of hybrid forms. I am able to coordinate other professionals and to interact with customers and suppliers, to achieve the desired goals within the time required.
I’ve always built relationships based on trust and respect, creating a strong network of relationships.
I have also been working in the education sector for about 5 years with workshops and lessons related to the world of communication and the art of presentations using Design Thinking as a fundamental basis.

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Increase the power of the information delivered during a speech or talk. Make an impact with a powerful presentation based on your unique story, values and knowledge. I can help you shape a presentation that sticks to people’s mind and get remembered through the use of techniques like Storytelling and Design Thinking.

From content creation to the slides.


A logo is the starting point of any business, but it is also just the tip of the iceberg of what your Brand is. I can help you define and shape your Brand Identity through the development of your communication, tone of voice and message you want to communicate. This includes all the communication material (digital and print) that your company needs to produce to stay relevant.

Logo, Corporate Identity, Illustrations, Infographics, Brochures and Catalogue, Website.


Exhibitions &

Throughout my professional career I have been invited to show my projects in a series of exhibitions, winning international awards. Here are some of my most recent achievements:

Creative Mornings | 2019 | Speaker for the Creative Morning format on the subject of Symmentry in everyday life.

Presentations |  2019 | Lecturer in workshops for companies such has Novartis, IEO, Sudwolle on how to build an effective presentation.

Visual Thinking and Design Thinking | 2016 | Lecturer in workshops for companies such as Novartis, UCBCares to understand and apply Visual Thinking or Design Thinking techniques.

Branding 2.0 | 2013 | Speaker in the conference organized by the Urbino University on new forms of communication.

Serie Fuori Serie | 2008 | Exhibition showing “the contemporary landscape of Italian design” at the Triennale of Milan.

The 8th International Ceramics Exhibition | 2008 | Honorable Mention in the competition organized by MINO Japan and itinerant exhibition of projects.

What I can do for your business?

Let’s do some amazing work together! Contact me and I will gladly show you how I can help your business communicate better and more clearly!

Over the years I have worked with a diversity of clients (from Archistars to Pharma companies) for different projects (from web to product, from logo to service design). Each client is different and needs a unique approach.

Allowing you to communicate clearly is my main focus. We can do this using storytelling and crafting a communication that suits you.