What can I do for you?

Do you feel like you are missing on a solid communication to attract new costumers?

There are many ways I can help you enhance your brand and your message, allowing you to communicate clearly and effectively. Below are same services I offer to the organizations I work with. If you want to have an idea of what I can do for you concretely contact me for a free consultation.


presentations | VIDEOANIMATIONS

Everyone has a story to tell and the better the story we tell, the better we engage with users. When making a presentation it is important to present ourselves in a coherent, authentic way. It is true that there is no need to judge a book by its cover, but it is equally true that a beautiful cover attracts us and we are therefore more enticed to know the contents of the book. This is why how we present our content is as fundamental as the contents themselves are. We need to attract your viewers to be listened to and engage with them.
I help brands to build presentations and animations that best represent them and that communicate a clear and memorable message.


website | social media | newsletter

Does it seem to you that there is no visual and content coherence between your website and your socials? I can help you understand how to improve your online positioning by making your communication easy to navigate and understand, helping you to achieve your goals whether they are an improvement in your brand awareness, or the acquisition of new customers.

Brand Design

Brand identity | brand manual | visual identity‚Äč

Are you sure your brand communicates the right message to your audience? And how about your logo? The logo is a fundamental part for the definition of your Visual Identity because it is the element with which your customers recognize you and in which they identify themselves.
It is the first visual touch point with the customer and must therefore convey your authenticity, uniqueness and your values.
Your Visual Identity not only includes the logo but also a series of elements and rules that will allow you to communicate coherently and consistently.


catalogues | brochures | books | Illustrations

All communication material, both printed and digital, must have a formal and visual consistency that allows us to tell the same story, to be seen in a coherent and clear way. Your catalogue, brochure, or editorial material will then be designed with your visual identity in mind.

How do I work?

My working methodology is user-centred, which means that I always put my client’s needs at the centre of everything I do. It is important to understand the customer’s needs in order to transform them into something of value and impact for his organization.

Listen & Understand

Step 1

In every project, the part of gathering information and empathizing with the user is the most important. Why are we venturing into this project? What do we want to achieve and what do we want to communicate?


Step 2

The conception phase is where the project takes a visual form. Wherefrom concepts we pass to form. In this phase of creation, the customer is involved to be part of a creative process that closely interests him. Design is a collaborative process and an exchange of ideas!

refine & iterate

Step 3

During the development of the project it is important to keep in mind what the ultimate goal of the project is. For this reason, sometimes there is a need to adjust the course, change direction or refine what you are creating. Continuous communication with the customer allows me not to go wrong.


Step 4

The user is always at the center of what I design for this, especially when it comes to digital projects, testing the product with users is essential. The user experience conceived at the table therefore has the opportunity to be really tested allowing us to understand if what we have designed can be launched or if there is still a need to work on it.


Step 5

When a project comes to an end I like to share it on social media, publish it on my portfolio and above all talk to the client to understand their level of satisfaction. I like to think that a satisfied customer is the best business card!

My approach is based on the Design and Brand Thinking methodology.
If your organization needs help to improve communication,
I will be happy to define the necessary steps with you.