Queue is a funny word

EyequeueQueue is one of those English word I find cute and cuddly, until I think about the real meaning and then I loose it. Yes, I am Italian but I am precise like a Swiss and I like proper queues like only an English person can.

I created these illustrations for an application helping you deal with annoying queues, actually helping you skip queues. The illustrations were part of a presentation to showcase the application to win European funds for implementing it.
I didn’t have to waste much time in researching the settings. I just went once to a local post office and draw what I saw. And what I saw is more than a group of different individuals. I saw a multicultural world, full of colours, personalities and emotions. It was a river more than a queue. I saw the good, the ugly and the bad. I saw the young next to the old in a suspended time, not your time anymore, queue time.

Illustrations for Eyequeue, an application created to skip queues, or even better to eliminate queues altogether, in public places. The illustration requested describes the application used for the check in of refugees.

Art direction;
Development of the structure and layout.

Been informative and clear on the benefits of the product;
Creating an effective communication with a tight schedule.