How to be productive under pressure

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Sometimes I have to run as fast as an ultra runner and when I am in a rush to produce quality graphics for a client in need yI have to have a structure to put in place to follow. This for me is the difference between hitting deadlines and losing time trying to figure out what to do (and freaking out and loosing it).

A structure is in my case a fix way to do things, a procedure that divides the work and helps you work having always in my the big picture.

Even when a client phones with unrealistic deadlines and I find myself overwhelmed I try to start by remembering myself that I can do it and that it is important to start from what you have (and also I remind myself to breath… which sometimes I forget…).

So the first step for me is to sort out the material sent or discussed with the client. I go through the files, emails and notes and I start to write down a plan of action. Small step to help me conquer the mountain of work ahead just like a Walter Bonatti.

I also see the material already produced for the company. This helps me to understand the tone of voice of the company and also to what is expected.

Then and only then I start to work on the files, keeping in mind the information collected, trying to work fast but without getting frustrated… or doing my best…

Last summer I had to produce for a young and fresh start up a good chunk of material for an Italian fair. Plenty of things to do, not so much time to do them.

This are some of the results.
Most of the illustrations were also created for this event, following the style and guidelines of the company.


Flyer front and back.

BF_banner Freestanding banner using some of the illustrations already produced for the flyers and maintaining the fix elements that create a common visual identity: background, green stripe with title and a coherent use of fonts and colours.


















Banners to promote a specified competition created for the fair.

Again I used all the elements to create a visual coherent look.