About This Project

This is a project that I like to tell because it tells the evolution of a relationship with a customer. How trust is built over time and how this trust can lead to the creation of important projects.


Media Defence is a UK based organization with a mission to give help and support (both financial and legal) to journalists operating in countries where freedom of speech is at risk.

The relationship with Media Defense has grown over the years and has been part of the evolution of the brand. Media Defense It was born as the Media Legal Defense Initiative (MLDI). For MLDI I initially designed a video animation to explain to the public what the organization does and to create awareness and its Annual Report.


And then came the important step of their rebranding.
The rebranding starts from the organization’s need to review its naming and move from Media Legal Defense Initiative to Media Defense. This simplification of the name was the initiation of a rebrand to accommodate this change.
The rebranding was an evolution of the brand that better align with its mission and vision and also had a younger and fresher look and feel.





Annual Report printed and online version;
- Art direction;
- Logo development & Brand Manual;
- Design of the infographics.


- Empathy with the sick to find the right balance to tell a story in a different way.
- Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop.


6 months

animation, branding, illustration