Felidae Fundation

About This Project

Felidae Conservation Fund combines top research, community engagement, and education to help humans live in harmony with wild cats and restore ecosystems.


The raising awareness work that Felidae Fund does is essential to coexist harmoniously with wildlife. The amount of research, materials and photographic and video content of the foundation is very large and therefore the communication work was also to understand how to best show these materials.


For Felidae Fundation I started with a cleansing of the brand, which remains intact in the symbol but acquires more harmony than the previous one as regards the typographic part. I then moved on to defining a colour palette that would suit both the main brand and the different projects that are part of the foundation.


The whole project revolves around the enhancement of wild animals and the creation of multifunctional patterns starting from the fur of the animals is just one of the key elements. Along with these patterns, a series of icons and custom made elements were also created to be used on different materials (offline and online).
The design part of the site was then accompanied by the creation of the merchandising material that arrived on the site itself and by the design of an Advocacy Kit to be used to create reports on the subject.





- Design system for the main brand and different projects;
- Development of the structure and layout of the website;
- User Experience Design;
- User Interface development;
- Development of icons and patterns;
- Styles tile development;
- Branding guidelines development;
- Merchandising and creation of printed material.


- Ability to create a design system that allows the foundation flexibility and uniqueness.
- Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Indesign | Sketch


3 months for the completion of the entire project

branding, web