Life in colours

ArtepergiocoA life in colour is a life of joy. I love colours, they bring me emotions and my house is full of them and I enjoy using them in my outfits as well.

Last year I met Anna Turcato (here is the link to her Instagram page), a very creative Image consultant at a workshop and she explained to us the importance of the right colours for our outfit to communicate and to empower us. What stroked me the most was a game/quiz we play to associate our personalities with a colour. Mine is yellow…. hold on a second…. did you say yellow??? I hate yellow. I don’t wear yellow, look at my pale skin…. Ok, yellow is the colour of creativity, happiness and vibrant personalities… and yes! I am all of the above but come on, seriously, nobody wear yellow. Then I started noticing my skirt: a nice heavy skirt of a deep and rich hue of yellow, almost mustard, but still yellow. When I got home I checked my wardrobe, only to find out that I have an obsession for the colour mustard. I just can’t get enough of it, especially if paired with a vintage light blue. It’s amazing to me how my brain as preferences that I am not fully aware of.

The project shown in this post is a series of illustrations realized as a part if a presentation for an art and colour project for kids. The project was aiming to promote art through the application and study of colours for a leading company that produces paint.

Art direction;
Design and development of art work;
Development and implementations of the presentation;
Defining look and feel on print materials.

Been able to produce a quality product within a tight schedule.
Been able to make the client go back to his childhood and empathize with the kids needs.