How do I create content with a value?

I am a graphic designer. Not a writer. I am a terrible writer.
And I am Italian, my English is getting better (thanks) but still not quite there. (Actually, it’s not even getting better, it is getting worse everyday.)
And I am shy, so yes, I don’t speak easily and surely I don’t brag about what I know, maybe because I don’t have many interesting things to say and surely because I don’t know that much.
But ehi,.. I have got a blog and I am up to give it a try.

So let’s set some rules on how to generate some content and let’s see if it might come handy to you as well.
These are the questions that have been nagging me about blogging.

How do you create relevant content? Content your readers will find interesting, engaging and worth sharing?
And how do you do it without nicking somebody’s content, or becoming a ‘professional copy+paster’?

1. Quoting experts and researches is always a good thing, it gives credibility to what you are explaining, but be aware of the thin line between quoting and copy and pasting too much. It takes effort and time to generate content, respect others’ work.

What are people interested about?
That takes me to another big question: What have I got to say?!!

2. Speak about what you know, care or are passionate about. At least you’ll have the drive to dig deeper to research content that is good for you as well.

What about the style of the post? Do I have to be serious, ironic, a bit of both or none of the above? oohhh gosh this is a good one.

3. Be true to yourself and at least you’ll feel good about it. Just write and make sure you check your spelling.

And last piece of advice from me to myself.

4. That comfort zone… forget about it.

Just go for it and apply the 5 seconds rule. And if you don’t know the 5 seconds rule just wait for the next post!