How do I create content with a value?

I am a graphic designer. Not a writer. I am a terrible writer.

Givers and takers

Recently I have been thinking a lot about a book I have been reading:

One of those days…

...when you think the list of people driving you crazy is endless and you wish you could tell them straight on their faces but then you know you cannot because maybe one is your co-worker or your boss, or both of them at the same time.

Back to pen and paper

Recently I have found myself going back to pen and paper to let my thoughts go free.

How to become Wonder Woman in 5 easy steps

So yes, there was a time in which I was Wonder Woman for a good cause and recently I was asked to share my story and to explain how anybody could become a Superhero for a Charity in no time.

Visual Communication

Shock communication does it still work? At the last

2007| Tectonic Plates

Exhibition of ceramic plates for Culture labels http://www.

09-2009 | Stand YDMI

Clouds and Portafrutta are part of the Young Designers Meet the Industry stand at Abitare il Tempo in Verona.

12-2007 | Maison & Object

Presentation of the Industreal brand in Paris for the Maison & Object.

12-2007 | Fragiles a Miami

Fragiles exhibition of ceramic objects organized by Die-Gestalten at Design Miami on the occasion of Miami Design Week.

09-2007 | Handle with Care

Exhibition of ceramic objects organized by Designboom at Designersblock for the London Design Week.

04-2007 | First Cut

Mostra che propone una ricerca di idee per oggetti creati con la tecnica del taglio laser.

04-2006 | Dream

Exhibition of objects developed around the theme of dreams.

04-2005 | Model Ideas

Exhibition of ideas and research of thoughts and possibilities to explore in the field of design.

04-2004 | In Dust We Trust

Exhibition 'In Dust We Trust': objects made using the rapid prototyping technique.

04-2004 | Swiss in Cheese

Special mention in the 'Swiss in Cheese' Graphic Design Competition organized by Emmentaler.