UNHCR Newsletter

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is a United Nations agency with the mandate to protect refugees.

In collaboration with them I have made a proposal for the Newsletter restyling. The newsletter “Rifugiati News” is the UNHCR’s magazine dedicated to donors and issued every four months. The aim for restyling of the Newsletter was the transformation from a newsletter/tabloid to a well structured and organized news magazine.
For these reasons different graphic solutions and names where taken in consideration.
Here displayed the main idea proposed.

The name proposed for the newsletter is OUTSIDER. An outsider is someone who doesn’t fit in or someone who watches a group from afar. An ousider is out of the group.

This proposal was designed to be dramatic, journalistic and with a reportage style.
The decentralized black and white image reinforces the content of the large and underlined texts, to bring back a tone of urgency and drama.

Art direction;
Naming of the newsletter;
Design and development of all the layout;
Definition of branding elements for the newsletter;
Defining look and feel of final printed material.