Miele Vivo

Miele Vivo is a biological, bee-friendly, honey producer.

Lo Sfoglino

Logo study and development for a new concept restaurant.

Olivia Quanto Basta

| o quel che volete | Logo for the fashion, food e lifestyle blog of Italian journalist Olivia Chierighini.

The Eve Appeal

Brand identity and graphic material for fundraising and promotional events.

International Medical Help

Logo design for a new medical portal to help foreigners with their medical care in Italy

Sky Surgery

Logo for medical web portal Sky Surgery. The portal aims to be a link between patients and doctors, integrating all the medical details of patients in one spot.

Ladlee Boutique

Ladlee is a boutique in England. For them the communication was created.

Paola Rossi

Logo and Brand Identity for an anthropologist and cultural behavior expert.

Link Communication

Logo and brand identity for a communication agency based in Milan.

Sergio’s Rooftop

Logo and Brand identity for a new Italian restaurant. The restaurant is set on the top floor of a mall in Valletta (Malta) and proudly cooks modern revisited homemade Italian recipes.