Media Defence Annual Report

MLDI (Media Legal Defence Initiative) is an organization based in the UK with a mission to give help and support (both financial and legal) to journalists operating in countries where freedom of speech is at risk.

Biorfarm wedding gift

Biorfarm is an Italian start up helping small organic farmers connect with costumers.

Rancilio Cube Proposal

Rancilio Cube is a family based investing company. Rancilio Cube invests in start ups and specifically in start ups with a vocation for social change and impact.

Miele Vivo

Miele Vivo is a biological, bee-friendly, honey producer.

Lo Sfoglino

Logo study and development for a new concept restaurant.

Olivia Quanto Basta

| o quel che volete | Logo for the fashion, food e lifestyle blog of Italian journalist Olivia Chierighini.

The Eve Appeal

Brand identity and graphic material for fundraising and promotional events.

International Medical Help

Logo design for a new medical portal to help foreigners with their medical care in Italy

Sky Surgery

Logo for medical web portal Sky Surgery. The portal aims to be a link between patients and doctors, integrating all the medical details of patients in one spot.

Ladlee Boutique

Ladlee is a boutique in England. For them the communication was created.